Porsche 911 turbo (993)

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Pricing : € 190.000,00

Please note that the price is including 19% VAT.

  • Top of the line-model of the 993
  • Example in best condition
  • Attractive and rare color combination

The Porsche 993 was presented in 1993 as further development of the legendary 911. Optically, it was quite different from its predecessor and thus carried the design forward into modern times without lacking the classic features. Many consider it to be the most beautiful model of the 911-series. When its successor 996 came out and it became clear that the 993 would remain the last air-cooled 911, it definitely turned into a classic.

Like with its predecessors, the turbo was the top-model of the series. For the 993 turbo, the Porsche developers still added on and, for the first time, installed a bi-turbo and an all-wheel drive. This raised the performance to an enormous 408 PS (300 kW), with which the 993 turbo outshone nearly everything that was driving on German Autobahn at that time. Competitors such as the Ferrari F355, the Mercedes-Benz SL40 AMG or the BMW 850 CSI each had nearly 30 PS less.

The sprint from 0 to 100 km/h could, also thanks to the all-wheel drive, be done within impressive 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed was 290 km/h. 

Optically, the 993 was done brilliantly, too. The gorgeous rims with hollow spokes, the big static rear wing spoiler, the wider chassis (like with the 4S), the brake calipers in red, and the white and red indicators – everything was harmonic and sporty.

This particular example has been delivered new to Japan in 1996. The first owner chose a very attractive and rare color combination when ordering the car. He optioned it in non-metallic white with an Interior in "Boxster-red". Being a Japanese car, it basically has the same technical specs as the German version.

The mileage reading is slightly over 38,000 km. During our careful check of the car we found out that the speedometer has been opened and we therefore checked the airbags hour counter to compare it to the mileage reading. Dividing the mileage through the hours we got the result of an average speed of 32 km/h, which is normal for a Japanese car. Because of the denser traffic and the stricter speed limits the average speed is lower than in Europe.

In addition the 993 turbo was very well taken care of and regularly serviced. Therefore the low mileage is also documented by its 16 service stickers and about 12 stamps in the Japanese service book. In addition various other documents contain information about the mileage over the years and it all adds up with the current mileage.

Since 2014 the car is part of a German collection and has not yet been registered, so the new owner will be the first registered owner since the car left Japan. The import VAT into the European Union has been paid as documented by the accompanying documents. We are happy to assist in the registration process.

The overall condition is very nice and shows that the car has been treated very well. The interior is in near perfect shape with hardly any wear and tear. We measured the metal body panels and found 98% to be very thin between 65my and 100my. Only a little spot on the roof shows a higher thickness of 219my, so we assume this little spot has been repainted once. The front and rear bumpers have been repainted. As can be seen in the photos, the front bumper had two little scratches at the retrofitted original turbo S front splitter. Meanwhile, this has been repainted and cannot be spotted anymore. Overall the paint is as nice as the rest of the car.

We would like to point out that the price of the car contains 19% deductible VAT, so it will be especially attractive for clients that can buy it through a company, that will export it out of Europe. We are also happy to make you a Leasing offer as well.

This is a very nice example of the beloved 993 turbo. The condition, the low mileage and the very special and attractive color combination will be hard to repeat. 

The 993 turbo was carefully checked for us by Jochen Bader. Mr. Bader was the manager of the factory’s own Porsche Classic Workshop and as such responsible for the factory restorations. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable specialists in the appraisal of Porsche cars and travelling worldwide for Porsche collectors to evaluate the condition and the originality of special examples of the brand. 

We are happy to provide his assessment to interested buyers.

The car is available for an inspection by appointment only in 33415 Verl, Germany. We are happy to show you the car and the documents and have a lift available as well.

Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information.
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