Porsche 911 turbo 3.3 (930)

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VIN:                WP0ZZZ93ZKS000582

  • German delivery with 95,000 km
  • Fully documented history with old German registration and service check book
  • 20 years with the current German owner
  • Mostly in first paint and a beautiful original interior
  • Built in 1989 – ultimate evolution of the 930 turbo with 5-speed G50 gearbox with hydraulic clutch and 300 PS (220 kW)
  • Only 797 examples built
  • Checked by Jochen Bader

This 1989 Porsche 911 (930) turbo 3.3 is a beautiful exemplar from the last year of production – the ultimate evolution level of the Porsche 930 turbo. First delivery was in Germany, and for the last 20 years the car has been with a Porsche enthusiast from northern Germany. The car is in a beautiful, well-maintained original state with only 95,000 km.

The 930 turbo was revolutionary when presented in 1975 and immediately turned into an icon. The turbo was Porsches top-model and combined brute performance with a load of accessories. With its significantly wider body, the wide rims and the prominent turbo spoiler it could be recognized at first sight.

This was the first serial production sports car Porsche equipped with a turbocharger which turned it into the fastest serial production on German roads at its time. With the power of 260 PS (191 kW) and a comparably low weight it delivered a performance which until then was known from pure racing cars mainly.

Towards the end of the year 1979, the newly developed 3.3-Liter turbo entered the market. It reached the magical 300 PS (220 kw), which met the demands of clients asking for high performance. A lot of work had been put into the development of the new “super-turbo” to enable this improved performance and at the same time technically fine-tune the whole car for this output. Raising the capacity to 3,298 ccm asked for several new parts such as crank, connection rods, shanks, cylinders and oil-pump. In addition to the enhanced performance the new turbo also offered a relevantly larger torque of now 430 NM (compared with the 343 NM of the 3.0 turbo).

So the maximum speed of the turbo 3.3 is 260 km/h and it only takes 5.4 seconds to get the car from stillstand to 100 km/h. 

The optimized shape and angle of the new spoiler kept the same air resistance, but still lowers the uplift which caters for a better power transmission of the rear wheels. At the same time, the new design with the lifted edges enables a better inflow of the new air intercooler.

The brakes were enhanced as well: Thicker front and rear discs allowed for larger vents in the discs. In addition, the discs were perforated and thus reacted better on wet roads.

Also, the 3.3 turbo is the first serial turbo engine with an intercooler. This results in a lower temperature of the air and thus allows for a higher compression within the motor. This way, the fuel is used more efficiently.

From 1977 to 1988, the 3.3 turbo was built without major changes. Only in 1989 the final evolution level of the Porsche 930 turbos was presented – the 89 turbo.

The model year 1989 was the last of the so-called “model G” of the Porsche 911. In the same year, the successor 964 entered the market.

For this last model year, Porsche equipped the 930 turbo with the modern and reinforced 5-speed G50 gearbox plus a hydraulic clutch. These changes relevantly enhanced the drivability of the 930 turbo. The additional gear allowed smaller rev intervals which enables the turbo charger to build up pressure more quickly. The hydraulic clutch could be operated with significantly less power and more precisely, which catered for better comfort and better starts.

The performance, too, was enhanced by the new gear box. Within 5.2 seconds, the car made it from 0 to 100 km/h. This was 0.2 seconds faster than a 930 turbo 3.3 with four-gear gear box.

The tuning of the chassis was enhanced by installing larger torsion bars at the rear axle, different stabilizers and tougher shock absorbers.

From this last evolutionary level, just 797 cars were built for the European market. The other 579 exemplars built for the American market had 282 PS only.

The 930 turbo offered here was delivered on May 2, 1989 to a Porsche dealership in Wipperfürth, Germany. It was then registered by its first owner in Wuppertal on September 18, 1989. The car is a German delivery with country code C00. The exterior colour is Black A1.

The car was delivered with extra accessories as follows:

M139 Adjustable seat heating, left seat
M340 Adjustable seat heating, right seat
M197 stronger battery
M220 limited-slip differential 40%
M383 sports seat left, electrically adjustable in height
M387 sports seat right, electrically adjustable in height
M567 windscreen with green shade band
M605 front lights adjustable in height
M650 electric sunroof

The original old registration certificate listing all owners is available. The first owner sold the car one month after the purchase to a buyer from Berlin. This second owner sold it in 1998 to the third owner from Lower-Saxony, Germany. The actual owner bought it from him almost exactly 20 years ago.

The car is still registered in Germany. The original mileage reads a mere 95,000 km, which is documented thoroughly by the original check book with four entries and the general inspection reports from the last 20 years. The check book shows entries up to 1994 and 49,900 km. As the actual owner is an engineer, he serviced the car himself. The mileage in these years is documented by several general inspection reports plus invoices.

So the car showed the following mileages:


22.05.1990 inspection Porsche Zentrum Berlin,                                                   3,460 km

24.09.1991 inspection Porsche Zentrum Berlin,                                                 21,079 km

01.12.1992 inspection Porsche Zentrum Berlin,                                                 30,792 km

14.09.1994 inspection Porsche Zentrum Berlin,                                                 49,900 km

11.08.1998 smog check program Autohaus Trebeljahr Wunstorf,

        TÜV Nord general inspection                                                                    58,693 km

14.09.1999 smog check program Bosch Dienst Sensch Wunstorf                        70,934 km

01.09.2000 general inspection TÜV Nord, Bosch Dienst Sensch Wunstorf            79,281 km

10.10.2001 smog check program Bosch Dienst Sensch Wunstorf                        83,844 km

20.08.2002 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                84,938 km

28.09.2004 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                87,886 km

05.10.2006 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                89,109 km

01.09.2008 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                90,100 km

05.10.2010 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                91,589 km

15.11.2012 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                92,659 km

28.10.2014 general inspection TÜV Nord Lehrte                                                93,525 km

03.07.2017 general inspection Dekra Braunschweig                                           94,269 km

29.09.2017 valuation                                                                                      94,388 km

06.08.2018 service turbo charger, Hartmann&Köster Bielefeld                            94,634 km 

The car is in a really nice original condition. 

The passenger door, the right rear panel, the head lamp rings and a small spot at the seal of the rear window have been repainted with a thin layer. Apart from this, the car keeps its first painting. As usual with black solid paint, there are some light scratches, but the painting in general is in good condition.

As usual, better speakers were installed, but apart from these the interior is completely original and in a very well-kept condition. Around one year ago, the turbo charger was serviced for 4,864 Euros. Right now, the bypass valve needs to be sealed. Also, the air-conditioner needs a refill. Both will be done before delivery by the actual owner.

We had Jochen Bader check this 930 turbo thoroughly. Mr Bader was the head of the Porsche Classic Garage for many years and as such responsible for the company’s restorations. He is one of the most experienced experts for the valuation of Porsche cars. Many collectors from all over the world ask for his expertise to check originality and condition of special Porsche classic cars.

His assessment will be made available to interested bidders.

The car is available for an inspection by appointment only in 33415 Verl, Germany. We are happy to show you the car and the documents and have a lift available as well.

Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information.

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