Porsche 911 T

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Pricing : € 89.000,00
  • Exceptionally good original condition
  • Nearly completely in first paint
  • Matching numbers
  • With first owner until 2007
  • Original „Blue Plate“ car from California
  • Five-speed transmission
  • Very well documented including the original care booklet
  • Checked by Jochen Bader

The Porsche 911T on offer is an extraordinarily good, original and unrestored car. For 37 years, it belonged to its first owner from California, who really took great care of it and even kept every single invoice. The Porsche is nearly completely in its first paint, apart from the front bumper, a part of the passenger side door and the area around the rear license plate.

There isn’t too much need to talk about the Porsche 911, so we’ll stay focused on the model year 1970.

To enhance the handling, already for the model year 1969 the wheelbase had been enlarged by 57 mm compared to the first version. The 1970 version, internally called the type C, saw another major change: the engine capacity was raised from 2.0 to 2.2 liters. So, compared with their predecessors, all models had a higher torque.

In addition, the 911T was now equipped with internally ventilated discs brakes on all wheels. Plus, all versions obtained two separate brake circuits to enhance safety. The whole undercarriage was treated with hot zinc and the underbody was further protected with a PVC coating to make it more resistant against rust.

Also new in 1970 was the differently constructed clutch that could be operated with less effort. The dashboard was designed ergonomically. As standard, all 911s now came with a heated rear window, an electrical screen wash system, halogen headlamps, reversing lights and hazard flashers. The US-version also had a key guard reminding of the ignition key when leaving the car.

The car offered here was first delivered in December 1969 in California. Its body had been produced at Karmann’s, as the chassis number 911 012 gives away. All other cars built in Stuttgart had chassis numbers starting with 911 011.

The exterior colour is Light Ivory and the interior was ordered in black leatherette.

Also, the car is equipped with the optional five-speed transmission.

The engine is the original, first one with “matching numbers”.

The first registration was made by Ernest Ozsvath on December 23, 1969. Maybe this was his Christmas present to himself. The registration receipt is part of the documentation as is the obtained “Blue Plate”, which the car should be wearing for the following decades: 193 AQU.

Ozsvath was a real Porsche enthusiast, who in 1967 became member of the Los Angeles section of the Porsche Club of America (PCA). He contributed to the Porsche friends, for example with ideas for a brush-up of the club magazine. His wife Lorene totally accepted his passion – she even took care that the couple’s wedding cake was crowned by a Porsche model car. Ozsvath also had created an enamel car badge for the Los Angeles region which he marketed as a present.

Accordingly, Ozsvath took really good care of his 911T. Dozens of invoices out of nearly four decades state regular services, plus extra care such as a steam cleaning of engine and clutch in September 1972. For every oil change, Ozsvath bought the lubricant himself and handed it over to the mechanics. All those years, he had the car serviced and repaired in one and the same workshop in Pasadena, one that was specialized in brands such as Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and Porsche.

Ozsvath added a few special extras to his car all himself. But, whatever he did, he obviously wanted to keep as much as possible of the original look of the car. In 1972, he bought a short-wave converter for the Blaupunkt radio. As we are mentioning the radio: Ozsvath mounted it behind the trim of the center console – again to not tamper the original look.

In October 1981, at a mileage of 98,676, the clutch of the 911T was replaced. Ozsvath bought all necessary parts himself.

In April 1985, he bought Kenwood speakers and installed them invisibly behind the door panel. To still hear the music well, he perforated the panels, which can be detected at a second glance only.

According to the documents coming with the car, it got a new owner in 2007. Obviously friends from the PCA helped Ozsvath with the sale, as their names are mentioned on a sales sign of a trader. A few weeks after the sale, Ozsvath died aged 87.

It was David Lewis Gaulke from Orange who bought the Porsche. So the 911T was to remain another four years in sunny and dry California.

The car was sold to the next caretake in Germany in 2011 and then in 2016 the actual owner, number four overall, bought it and had it registered in April 2016.

The five-digit odometer reads a little less than 32,000 miles, with the numerous documents and the service booklet stating clearly that the car has run 132,000 miles. So in average, the car has only made around 2,500 miles per year.

The condition is almost mint for an unrestored car. The paint is nearly completely the first and shows only little signs of usage such as stone-chipping on the hood etc.

Only the front bumper has been repainted in 1972, and at some point also a part of the passenger door. After the car’s arrival in Germany, a dent in the front bumper was fixed. Also, the area around the rear license plate got a new paint, because Ernest Ozsvath had fixed two club emblems next to the small “Blue Plate”, and those would not fit together with the German license plate. So four little holes were closed and it got a new paint. Both works are documented.

In 2012, a qualified workshop sealed the whole car. This included the paint, the underbody, the notches and the cavities, which were treated with Mike Sanders’ anti-corrosion grease.

The interior, too, is original and in a really good condition. Only decent installations like an alarm system and the invisibly installed radio are not original, but part of the vehicle’s history and are simply charming.

The last inspection was made in May 2018 at a mileage of 131,171.

The car was carefully checked for us by Jochen Bader. Mr. Bader was the manager of the factory’s own Porsche Classic Workshop and as such responsible for the factory restorations. He is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable specialists in the appraisal of Porsche cars and travelling worldwide for Porsche collectors to evaluate the condition and the originality of special examples of the brand. We are happy to provide his assessment to interested buyers.

The car is available for an inspection by appointment only in 33415 Verl, Germany. We are happy to show you the car and the documents and have a lift available as well.

Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information. This is an extraordinary well-kept exemplar and as such rarely available.

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