Porsche 911 3.0 Turbo (930)

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Pricing : € 135.000,00
  • Early 3.0 liters Ur-Turbo
  • First delivery to Denmark in October 1975
  • Matching Numbers Engine
  • Technical certificate from Porsche from November 2019
  • Extensive revision for approx. 50,000 € in 2018 

The 930 Turbo presented by Porsche in 1975 was a revolution and immediately became an icon. The Turbo was the top model at Porsche and combined brute power with extensive equipment. Due to its significantly wider body, the wide rims and the striking turbo spoiler, it was immediately recognizable.

It was the first production sports car in which Porsche installed a turbocharger and the fastest production car on German roads at the start of sales. With the high output of 260 PS (191 kW) and comparatively low weight, it offered performance that had previously only been known from pure racing cars.

This vehicle is one of only 623 units of the 1976 model year, which was built with 260 PS (191 kW) for the European market. The delivery took place at the end of October 1975 to Denmark in silver metallic with black leather. As extras the first owner ordered a sunroof and an air conditioner.

It is interesting that this car was delivered with the first original turbo engine type 930/50. This engine was only used in the 297 cars of model year 1975 and in the first 157 cars of model year 1976. This engine was probably built in both years, because for the homologation of the 930 Turbo at least 400 copies of the car had to be built as a road version. On this basis the 934 was homologated for racing, on which the famous 935 was based.

This car was sold to Sweden in the late 1970s and returned to Denmark around the turn of the year 2009/2010. In 2010 alone, this owner invested around 12,000 euros in parts and repairs, including an overhaul of the turbocharger in England. He had several spare parts sent directly from Germany.

A few years later he sold the car to a collector in France, who had it extensively overhauled in 2018. He invested around 50,000 euros in the vehicle. Besides many technical things, the body was extensively reworked and repainted. The interior is original.

The car is available for an inspection by appointment only in 33415 Verl, Germany. We are happy to show you the car and the documents and have a lift available as well. 

Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information.

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