Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Zagato

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Pricing : € 225.000,00

Zagato cars always had and still have the potential to provoke strong opinions amongst car enthusiasts. You hate them, you love them, you might find them interesting or unusual, exciting or disturbing – but never boring. Plus, cars dressed up by Zagato never looked like off-the-shelve-articles, but always exclusive.

The Alfa 2600 SZ is such a rare breed.

A total of 105 cars were built, among them 5 prototypes. To our knowledge, today about 60 cars are known, spread all around the world.

The design was done by Ercole Spada, who became chief designer at Zagato in the early 1960s. There he designed the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, the Lancia Flaminia Zagato, the Alfa Romeo Giuletta SZ and the TZ. In addition to these absolute icons, he also designed very elegant and successful mass-produced cars. Among others, the BMW 5 Series E34 and the 7 Series E32, as well as the Alfa Romeo 155.

The first sketches for the 2600 SZ were made by Spada in 1961 already, with the aim of creating a sports car for use on the road. In 1965, the Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ was presented as top model of all Alfa Romeos at that time.

Overall the design of the Alfa Romeo 2600 SZ is unique and has its own style with many beautiful design elements like the sharp Kamm tail and the sporty front end. The clean design language still looks very modern and timeless.

It is powered by a six-cylinder engine with two overhead camshafts and 145 PS (107 kW), newly developed by Alfa Romeo for the 2600, which allowed top speeds of up to 210 km/h. 

This particular car offered here by us was completed on 18 May 1966. The first delivery was on 25 June 1966 to a lady in Rome. She ordered the car in white with black interior. The further history in Italy is unknown, but in 2000 the car was auctioned at Bonhams in Geneva.

According to our information the car had been restored in Germany around 1992 for 120.000 DM 

Three years later the car was auctioned again at Bonhams in Geneva. The new owner was a british collector living in Hong Kong, but he left the car in his collection in England.

From this collector the current owner bought the Zagato in 2016 and the condition was good, as the car had been well looked after since the restoration. But it had also been driven very little and for this reason it did not run very well. As a result, the mechanics wer extensively overhauled by the new owner to bring the car back on the road. He had the brakes, the gearbox, the electrics and the tank as well as the fuel lines overhauled or renewed. Since these works have been completed, the car has been moved regularly in fine weather.

The car is available for an inspection by appointment only in 33415 Verl, Germany. We are happy to show you the car and the documents and have a lift available as well.

Please contact us if you wish to obtain further information.
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