General information and help page

1. Basic information

What exactly is an online auction?
An online auction does not take place in an auction house in front of a group of bidders and being led by an auctioneer with his hammer but is completely being run in the internet.

Is it possible to personally inspect and check a car I am interested in before the auction?
Yes, this is well possible. After gaining a first impression of the car by checking the description and photos published on our website, you are welcome to agree a viewing date with us. You can of course make use of our lift. Interested bidders can also go for a test run with the car, good weather provided. Please accept that these requests will be decided upon very individually.

What does the rundown of an online auction look like?
The auction has a fixed start time, and each lot has its own start time. Once its start time is there, the lot will be available for bidding. The overall runtime of each lot is displayed on our website. The combination of individual start time and runtime builds the point of time at which a single lot ends.

An example: Having a start time of 2:00pm this Saturday and a runtime of one week, the planned end time of this lot is next Saturday at 2:00pm.

Having said this, please have a closer look at the following topic.

Does a lot in an online auction have a fixed “end date” at which the auction will be closed even though I would want to bid higher?
No. At our online auctions, lots do not have a fixed end date. Our system is special regarding the fact that the auction time of a single lot will be extended by another three minutes should a bid be entered three minutes before the planned end time of that lot.

An example:
With the end time being planned for 2pm and a bid entered at 1:59pm, the auction will be extended until 2:02pm.

Only if no further bids are placed within the extended time frame will the auction be closed. This means that there is no sense in entering a bid at the very last second as the other bidders will still have a chance to react.

In the end, this is the spirit of a real auction: Bidding will be closed only when no further bids are entered.

Please refresh the website every now and then to avoid that an interrupted connection or a bug in your device would suppress the correct time to be show on your device.

It is well possible that several lots will be auctioned parallely. You can track the lots you are interested in through the “Track lots” function in your account. Also, once you bid on one lot, this will be shown in your account.

How is an online auction being supervised?
Our system records the whole auction, and each bid is registered by the thousandth of a second. This guarantees that the first bid can be identified at any given time. Legitimate interest provided, we can verify anytime who entered a bid.

As we are using the software only, inaccuracies do not occur – as they happen just too often at classic auctions. These are sometimes confusing due to bidders in place, telephone bidders and online bidders all bidding on the same lots.

Our online auction will be monitored daily from 9:00am to 6:00pm as well as during the start and the end by an employee of our company. This person will be watching the course of the acution and can help should problems arise.

2. Bidding/Buying

How can I monitor a certain car?
When hovering the mouse pointer over a car’s photo on the start page of a single auction, a small star will show up. Clicking this star makes you track the car, which you can follow under “My account” in the menu “Tracked lots”.

When using a mobile device, the star appears once you’ve touched the preview photo of the car.

How can I register as a bidder?
- Click on “Log-in” at the top right of the website, and choose “Register” in the next step.
- After entering your e-mail address and a password, you will be sent a validation e-mail.
- In this e-mail, you will find a link to activate your registration. Click this link to continue with the registration process. Should your e-mail client not react after clicking the link, please copy the link into the address bar of your browser.
- After you finished your registration process, we will contact you to finalize your registration. Should you register for the first time, we would need an identification document and possibly a confirmation of your bank.

Is online the only way of bidding at your auctions?
Apart from bidding yourself online, you can also submit a written offer for one or several lots. Please contact us to agree on the details. Please be aware that we might exclude accepting a written offer.

How can I make a bid?
After registration you have to log in using the field at the top right of the website.

Once you are logged in, there are several ways to make a bid:
On the start page of every auction, you will find a button “Bid now” below each lot showing the next bidding step.

Furthermore, the details page of each single lot offers you the opportunity to submit a static bid as well as a proxy bid.

The third and last way to bid via the website is the meny “My account”. Here the topic “Tracked lots” gives you an overview of all lots you are following. Below the preview photos there is a button “Bid now” through which you can enter the next increment bid.

After you have submitted your bid you will be shown the overall price including the buyer’s premium and the VAT. You have to confirm this which makes your bid binding.

What is a static bid?
With a static bid you enter an amount you are willing to pay. The system accepts exactly this amount as your bid – even in cases where you could have entered a lower sum. A certain bidrange is preset so that the single steps are not too small. But you can always bid more than the next increment step.

An example:
When the last bid was € 100,000 and the next bidding step would be € 102,500, you can also bid € 110,000. This turns € 110,000 into the actual highest bid which could be overbid with € 112,500 or higher.

What is a proxy bid?
To submit a proxy bid, you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay into the system. The system will then bid for you in the smallest possible steps until your maximum amount is reached. In case you are overbid thereafter, you will immediately be informed via e-mail and can submit another bid.

What happens when I am overbid?
You will immediately receive an e-mail with the information that you have been overbid. This e-mail also contains a link through which you can return to the relevant lot and continue bidding.

When you are online, you can also see at each lot when you have been overbid, and in the auction overview the field of that lot turns read.

Can I withdraw my bid?
To enter a valid bid, you have to absolve three steps: Bid, submit the bid and confirm the bid. You can interrupt the process anytime during the first two steps. But by confirming your bid the bid becomes binding, it cannot be cancelled or withdrawn.

3. Price, taxes, buyer’s premium

What does “start price” mean?
The start price is the lowest bid that can be submitted for a lot (plus 8 % buyer’s premium, incl. 19% VAT over the buyer’s premium). Please be aware that the start price might be below the minimum price for which the lot can be sold.

Our bidrange is as follows:
up to € 250,000.00: € 1,000.00
from € 250,000.01 to € 600,000.00: € 2,000.00
as of € 600,000.01: € 3,000.00
We reserve the right to changes.

How can I see if my bid is the highest?
After clicking the green button “Bid” you will immediately see a message on the screen telling you that you are the highest bidder. In addition, you will receive an e-mail and the field on top of the actual bids will turn green. But as soon as another bidder overbids you, you will again be informed and the field turns red.
How much are you asking as a buyer’s premium?
The buyer’s premium is 8% of the hammer price, including 19% VAT. In case you have registered as a company, we might also invoice the buyer’s premium without VAT.

Do I have to pay VAT over the hammer price?
This depends on the actual lot, is mentioned there and will be listed in the bidding process. Generally, our lots are not applicable for VAT, as most cars are sold by private persons. Also most of the cars that are sold by a commercial reseller the VAT does not apply as these fall under differential taxation. At the small number of cars being sold by commercial owners the VAT is included in the hammer price.

With a proxy bid, will my maximum bid automatically be the hammer price?
No. Your maximum bid will only be used to overbid other bidders by the next increment bid and never be exceeded. So the hammer price might also be lower than your maximum amount.

4. Successful auction

How and when will I get to know that my written offer was successful?
In this case, we will personally inform you.

What do I have to do when I successfully bought one ore several lots?
After your successful bidding we will contact you to clear details re. payment, collection of the car or organization of its transport etc.

I would like to personally pick up my car. What do I have to do?
Please call us on +49 52 46 933 03 37 or send an e-mail to We are happy to set up a date for your visit. Please do not come by without prior consentment as in this case you might have to wait a bit.

Can you take care of a car transport?
We are happy to organize the transport for you – please contact us to talk about details.

5. For consignors

How can I offer a car for an auction?
When you have a collector car you want to sell through an auction, please let us know. Surely can we find the ideal new owner for you!

What are the conditions for consignors?
We are asking a provision that is purely based on a successful sale. You only have to pay us when your car is sold. For this reason, we do accept cars only with a high sales potential.

In this case we will ask from you
Up to € 500,000 hammer price: 8.00 %
Hammer price from € 500,000.01 to € 1,000,000: 4.00 %
Hammer price above € 1,000,000.01: 0.0 %

This includes all cost such as transport, photograph, marketing, description, assessment, garage etc. In case a repair of your car would raise the revenue, we would talk this through with you.

You did not find the answer to your question here? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!

Phone: +49 52 46 933 03 37 E-mail:

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